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Is it OK to put a new roof over the top of my existing roof?

Let’s explore both options. Most roofing manufacturers allow you to cover up your old roof. And depending on where you live, some building codes will allow you to install a second or third layer. However, it’s a good idea to have your old roof removed so you can check for any damage to the roof decking. It’s always better to start with a clean, smooth surface. That way, there’s no possibility of the old roof creating bumps and imperfections in your new roof.

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What are the black streaks I see on older asphalt composition roofs?

Those streaks are caused by algae growing on your roof. The algae itself is uglier than it is harmful, but it can promote future moss growth. You’re probably wondering what you can do to prevent it.

Woodfeathers carries a number of products that kill the algae growth along with several types of asphalt composition roofs that come with copper coated granules. These granules will help prevent the algae growth before it starts and have 10- to 20-year warranties, providing a wonderful long term answer to your algae problem.

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Are there any good roofing alternatives that look like cedar shakes?

Well, I prefer chocolate shakes myself! But there are several roofing products on the market today with the appearance of wood shakes. Metal, concrete, asphalt and composite materials can all be used to achieve that shake look. Consult with a Woodfeathers contractor on your type of house, roof and budget, and we can help design a solution that is right for you.

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What are “architectural” shingles?

Architectural shingles, also called dimensional shingles, have a textured composition. They come in a variety of shapes and warranties, and bring design to your roof. You see, your roof is more than just a covering, and architectural shingles can help protect your home while topping it off beautifully!

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How do wind warranties affect my asphalt roof?

All asphalt shingles come with a wind warranty between 60 and 110 miles per hour. That’s some strong wind! But most wind warranties are good for about five years, depending on the shingles’ weight.

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Should I use laundry detergent to control algae or moss on my asphalt roof?

Not unless you want to make some quick, low budget sky lights. The degreasers in today’s laundry detergents will actually eat through your roofing and cause numerous leaks in a matter of days. Laundry detergents used to be very efficient in controlling moss and algae, but they no longer contain the phosphates because of today’s concerns about hurting the environment.

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*NOTE: The information provided by the Answerman and Woodfeathers is for general informational purposes only, and should not be taken as architectural or engineering advice. The examples above are fictitious and should not be used as a basis for planning a real roof. Woodfeathers does not endorse substituting or replacing cedar shakes with chocolate shakes. Consult a licensed roofing contractor or roofing specialist for help with your specific roofing needs.