I have never written a company to say what a good job they did however my first experience with your company warrants the need to say that your staff did not do a good job, they did an excellent job.Steve L.
Rooftop Delivery


For years, Woodfeathers has been proud to offer the finest roofing materials available to homeowners, builders, architects and contractors. We stand behind the products we carry because we find they're the best. We think you'll agree.

For the latest information and detailed specificatons on any of the products we carry, visit our Product Offerings page.

Cedar Products, Plywood & Lumber

We carry all styles of cedar shakes and shingles available in either raw, C.C.A., or fire treated form. Please visit our Interactive Showroom and call today for a quote!

Other Products & Accessories

In addition to the roofing materials and installation, Woodfeathers offers many specialty products to their customers. A few are listed below, for more information please contact us.



DeckRite is a three ply laminated membrane consisting of a heavy-duty polyester fabric encapsulated between two vinyl films. Finish thickness of the membrane is 50 mils. The top layer of film is color printed and then embossed during the manufacturing process. DeckRite is especially formulated to withstand exposure to sun, water, common household chemicals, and foot traffic.

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Smart Vent

Smart Vent

SmartVent is a tapered, under shingle plastic product designed for installation along the soffit edge of the roof or the facing edge of dormer rakes and goes virtually unnoticed. It allows air to flow freely through the 1" roof decking slit providing more than adequate soffit ventilation to maximize ridge vent effectiveness. This is extremely important since most ridge vent products require an equal amount of ventilation at the soffit in order to work properly. SmartVent, when used at both soffits, has a total NFA rating of 18 sq. in. (or 9 sq. in. on each side of a standard gable roof).

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WeatherBond PRO TPO is a heat-weldable, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane that provides extreme durability and weathering capabilities. When combined with a full line of heat-weldable accessories installation is quick and easy. WeatherBond PRO TPO is ENERGY STAR® qualified and provides a highly reflective roofing option which can help reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your building.

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Every outdoor living area needs functional and attractive furniture. Necessories Dining, Pub and Bistro Tables are easy to maintain, will never blow away in a storm and will outlast all others. Necessories Tables fit easily into any outdoor living room design.

Necessories Waterfall kits by Basalite are the perfect solution for backyard enthusiasts that do not want a large pond to maintain or are tight on space but want the comforting sound of water cascading on rocks.

No matter what your locale, there will always be cool evenings to enjoy the warmth of a backyard fire. Necessories Fire Rings add charm to any backyard design, and because they are made with high-quality Basalite fire pit block, they will last for years.