We would like to extend our deep appreciation and thanks for the roofing shingles you donated for the house we purchased through Clackamas Community Land Trust. You made it affortable for us and we really appreciate your very kind generosity.James & Roslyn T.
Rooftop Delivery



DeckRite is a three ply laminated membrane consisting of a heavy-duty polyester fabric encapsulated between two vinyl films. Finish thickness of the membrane is 50 mils.

The top layer of film is color printed and then embossed during the manufacturing process. DeckRite is especially formulated to withstand exposure to sun, water, common household chemicals, and foot traffic. The polyester fabric is the heart of the product. It enhances the membranes dimensional stability, puncture strength, and tear resistance. The bottom film completes the three ply laminated design. It acts as the bonding layer in the installation process and also allows two separate pieces of membrane to be moleculary fused together during the seaming procedure.

The DeckRite membrane has a proven track record of performance. The product represents the cutting edge of polymer chemistry and is engineered for durability and longevity.

(Source: Images and copy courtesy of company website)