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Rooftop Delivery



Eternabond's Doublestick is an extremely aggressive sealing adhesive. It is sticky on both sides, and is used as a gasket when installing windows, vents, and penetration seals on RVs, metal roof seams, mobile homes or steel buildings. Doublestick is also ideal for marine applications and forms permanent seals to all types of materials (except silicone surfaces). The material can be formed into shapes, rolled and squeezed into cracks as needed. It stays permanently pliable and will not shrink.

It can also be used with "Masterflash" boots to seal penetrations on roofs of EPDM, TPO or Hypalon. In addition, DoubleStick can be double-layered, stacked, folded or rolled into a bead for areas that need a thicker gasket. DoubleStick comes standard in 0.060" thick x 50' long and 1" wide.

(Source: Images and copy courtesy of company website)